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Mr. Bear, he's a manager at the company. He manages his employees and he recruits new employees. He earns a lot of money by being a manager. He's a millionare today. He lives with his wife, and his three young children, below the age of 6. His life is good, he has millions of dollars, and he buys anything he sees. He wanted to buy another company and merge them into a whole single company. But it didn't turn out.

Pine Plant

Mrs. Pine, she's a employee at the company. She works hards, and she earns respect for that. She earns a lot since she's earned a lot of raises. She lives with her husband and with two young children, below the age of 5. Although she works at this company, she's building a house, so she needs to work two diffeent jobs. She has an incredible lifestyle, she likes to wear todays fashion.


Mr. Monkey, He's an employee at the company. He doesn't work as hard as the others. He likes to eat bananas, he has a wife, and a son. Mr. Bear thought about firing him, but he needs him, he's a good and kind person. Mr. Monkey's lifestyle is incredible, he likes to wear nascar stuff. He has a tough life, his wife hates him, and he doesn't know what to do, so he decided to work at the company. He didn't graduate. So he had to work a labor job.


Mrs. Sunflower, gives the employees sunflowers. She has a husband and a daughter. Mrs. Sunflower works so hard like Mrs. Pine, that they are closely friends. Mrs. Sunflower lifestyle is incredible. She likes to year yellow and she likes to smell like sunflowers. She has a good life, and his a good family, that keeps her focus and keep her going. The family movtivates her.